Lift Management Consultancy

Lift Management Consultancy was established last July 2010, initially to deliver safety programs to various companies with four (4) main sub-divisions:

Industrial safety

Hazardous Waste Management: Chemical Spillage & Response Training

Fire safety

Risk Management Plan & Disaster Preparedness

Fleet safety management

Development of vehicular safety program, Driver competency program & more.

Environment Preservation and Protection

Manage & improve the relationship among people, ecosystems and natural resources.

With the partnership from various subject matter experts, we expanded our services that includes motivational, behavioral and supervisory trainings.

With high caliber consultants and trainers that are technically equipped, we provide solutions to reduce accidents in the workplace, increase production and motivate employees.

Last 2012, we opened more interventions and consultancy services as we offer Disaster Management programs to companies that includes risk assessment to provide mitigating solutions and recovery measures to control disruptions and exposures from disasters.

Moving on to the next level, we integrate an organizational development and an environmental management systems to LIFT organizations to the competitive level desired by the stakeholders.